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The VitalStream Group is a group of physicians, EMS educators, and professional clinicians with a passion for high quality education and patient care.

Our PPCP Psychomotor Simulation Curriculum is an expertly-designed program focused on both individual and team development. With both formative and summative activities, it offers EMS faculty and educational programs full flexibility to deliver education and training in a convenient and engaging way to students, while also pushing the boundaries of traditional EMS education. It is an innovative solution in its design, delivery, flexibility, and student-centeredness.

Offering more than 100 clinical cases built from actual EMS patient encounters, the package includes multiple types of activities for paramedic faculty to integrate into their programs. Representing the NEMSES curriculum, they reinforce and teach the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor competencies during the student journey to becoming a paramedic. These include skills development activities, oral cases, decision-making drills and discussions, assessment-based simulations, treatment-based simulations, and summative evaluation simulations. Each level of simulation includes guided debriefing questions for instructors and simulation support material to effectively scaffold the students' learning.

By using the all-in-one program, faculty have all of the resources they need at their fingertips to not only develop their students’ mastery in clinical skills, but also develop the learners’ critical reasoning and culture of safety competencies within a portfolio of actual clinical cases. All information to support adjunct or inexperienced instructors is provided!

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